General Glass Tile Information

Purchasing Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are becoming a very popular choice for those looking for beautiful materials...

Add Dimension to Any Area with Glass Tiles

Provide a very sophisticated finished look to areas such as the bathroom and kitchen

Create an Impact in the Kitchen or Bath with Glass Tiles?

If you are looking to add a lot of impact to your kitchen or bath area...

Measuring for Your Glass Tiles

When installing glass tiles, it's important to measure the area correctly, so that you know how many you need to purchase.

Glass Tiles in Unique Areas of the Home

Glass tiles can be used to create beautiful surfaces such as shower walls in the bathroom and backsplash areas in the kitchen...

Glass Tiles 101

They have a shine and beauty that simply isn't found in other types of tile, and can create a very stylish and attractive look.

How to Determine the Number of Glass Tiles Needed for a Project

Before beginning a glass tile installation project, you first need to determine how much tile you will need to complete the job.

Accentuating Fountains and Pools with Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be a beautiful addition to outdoor water features...

Glass Tiles in the Laundry Room

Glass tiles can be used very effectively in shower areas to create a stunning appearance...

Designing a Stunning Shower with Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be used very effectively in shower areas to create a stunning appearance...

Glass Tiles to Accentuate a Swimming Pool or Spa Area

Add shimmering beauty to both indoor and outdoor swimming pool and spa areas.

Using Glass Tiles for a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

These beautiful tiles are also an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens and backyard patio entertainment areas.

Creating a Beautiful Mosaic with Glass Tiles

Most popular uses for glass tiles is using the small one inch tiles to create a beautiful mosaic surface.

Durable Glass Tiles for Your Family Bath or Kitchen

Glass tiles have the ability to reflect light, they have more sparkle than ceramic tile...

Creating a Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass tiles can be used to create an especially beautiful backsplash area...

Types of Glass Tiles

Glass tiles come in a very wide array of colors, sizes, styles and sizes.

How to Select Glass Floor Tile

Not only is it strong, but it has a deep reflective beauty that is unique to glass.

Maintaining the Beauty of Glass Tiles

Glass is such an impervious material, they are also easy to care for.

Caring for Your Glass Tiles

Some things you can do to help insure that your glass tile surfaces will stay beautiful and trouble-free.