Industrial Cityscape Metal Mosaic Tile

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Industrial Cityscape Metal Mosaic Tile
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Design Elements

Industrial Cityscape

This clean geometric design, composed of aluminum, is chic and visually striking. Our Industrial Cityscape Metal Mosaic tile will provide any room with a stylish and ultra modern appearance. This is a great alternative to use for a kitchen backsplash, feature wall or as decorative borders. Cutting edge and unique in every way, dare to be different with this sleek selection!

Important: Due to the unique design of this series, we recommend that you order at least 20% more than your required square footage for your order. This is to account for the material lost due to the trimming done during installation.
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Chip Size
Sheet Size
Black, Stainless, Gray
Polished + Brushed
8 mm
Residential Use
Wall Only
Commercial Use
Wall only
Tile Use
Backsplash Tile, Bathroom Wall Tile, Shower N/A, Kitchen Wall Tile, Wall Tile
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Why did you choose this?
TileBar Store
I like the sleek modern look. Not something you can find in the big box stores, i.e. Home Depot, Lowes or Menards.
Jenifer A on Feb 3, 2019
I liked this for the wall above my fireplace
Jim C on Feb 21, 2018
I like the sleek modern look. Not something you can find in the big box stores, i.e. Home Depot, Lowes or Menards.
Jenifer A on Feb 3, 2019
Looks nice as a back splash in a kitchen, with black counter tops.
Pamela D on Sep 28, 2018
I liked this for the wall above my fireplace
Jim C on Feb 21, 2018
Unique,modern clean looking
Mark T on Feb 12, 2018
Sleek and modern. Matches my monochromatic look perfectly!
James H on Jan 30, 2018
I love the linear look of this tile.
Tammy L on Jan 16, 2018
Accent tile with black glass tile .
ALEX P on Jan 5, 2018
It looks really cool. modern and different!
Shon A on Dec 14, 2017
The individual pieces (length) were longer than most. Love the variety of metal & thickness.
mary b on Dec 11, 2017
Putting this in the kitchen, looks great
Pamela D on Mar 29, 2017
love the industrial look
Jennifer M on Feb 13, 2017
Absolutely jaw-dropping look!
Shannel G on Jun 24, 2016
I chose this tile because I am using it in an outdoor kitchen and wanted something that did not need to be grouted and was easy to maintain
Betsy K on Apr 2, 2016
Perfect with stainless counter and appliances in kitchen...backsplash.
Martha O on Dec 8, 2015
It has contemporary look and it will match perfectly with gray/black tiles in my bathroom.
Anna K on Oct 14, 2015
Very contemporary and gorgeous!
Jodi K on Sep 24, 2015
very modern looking. love the metal and the stripes
Priya K on Jan 15, 2015
Looks nice as a back splash in a kitchen, with black counter tops.
Pamela D on Sep 28, 2018
Unique,modern clean looking
Mark T on Feb 12, 2018
It says to use a miter saw for installation. What should you use to cut out for outlets? Thanks
Noreen on Jan 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I am sorry but I had someone install the tile for me and since he is no longer in the area I can't get in touch with him.
How long before you get more of the cityscape tile? I've already started the project and need 13 more tiles.
Kerry L on Apr 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This tile will be back in stock in early June.
What is the best mastic or adhesive to use with this tile?
A shopper on Aug 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: To be perfectly honest with you I don't know. My contractor in Florida did the job and I am in CT. until October. Sorry I can't help. Do love the Cityscape tile.
Can this tile be used in the shower?
A shopper on Feb 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Honestly, not sure. Sorry thats not the answer to probably want. I used it around my bathroom mirrors and it looks great. Each lunear bar in each tile can bend at the seem so i would speculate that with the proper water proofing you may be able to make it work in the shower. That would be too much effort and risk if it were up to me.

Hope this helps.
Want to use in a shower as an accent. Is it suitable for that application?
Maribeth O on Feb 15, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I used it for a customer as a kitchen backsplash. It's a series of hollow (really U shaped) metal pieces (Probably Aluminum). I don't think it would rust or anything, but I would suspect that if water gets behind it- between the tile and the thinset, that it might create a mold issue and pop. Hope that helps. It's cool stuff though. Would definitely say you can use it in a bathroom, but it would have to be really sealed well in the shower.
Is this applied without grout, just the mastic?
Cindi on Jul 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Grout is not required. My contractor installed it so I don't know what he used but we did not use grout and it looks fantastic!
Can this tile be used in a pool along the waterline?
Gina D on Jan 16, 2019
BEST ANSWER: This tile is not recommended for use in a pool.
What color grout did you use for touch-up areas - sides, corners etc? Trying to decide if silver or black will look better. Thanks!!
Shon A on Jan 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Have not had to touch up any areas yet. Personally I think that silver would be better.
Is there any dark brown in this tile?
A shopper on Apr 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, not at all. This is a series of silver and grays with different finishes giving each color or tile a unique look., The darkest gray is like a deep gunmetal, the lightest is a chrome look. The most difficult aspect of putting up this tile was finding the pattern, be sure to have it laid out before applying to wall.
Could this tile be used as a backsplash in an outdoor covered kitchen?
Betsy K on Apr 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: That would be a good possibility. My concern would be temperature fluctuations from freezing to hot. If you have year round moderate temperatures you should be fine.
Can I cut this tile with a hacksaw if I don’t have many cuts?
Louise B on Feb 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I experimented with several saws, the finer tooth the better to leave a clean cut edge. Also used a sanding stone on cut edges to smooth out. This saw worked really well for me with a mitre box for fine, thin blades: 35-550 ZONA fine kerf razor saw with 42 teeth per inch. But if only a few cuts, try any fine tooth saw or the finest you have at hand.
I need 31 ft of tile, how many sheets will that take?
A shopper on Oct 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The easiest way to figure that out is to find your square footage. Take your overall length in inches (31 feet = 372 inches) and multiply it by the overall height that you need (say 18 inches for example). Then divide that amount by 144.
372 x 18 = 6696
6696 / 144 = 46.5 square feet
This will give you the square footage that you need and since these tiles are 1 square foot each it will tell you how many you need (47 tiles). I would get 10% extra, which is 4-5 in this case.


    • These instructions are meant to be a guide for most installations, under normal conditions. Please follow best practice instructions found in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) 09300 Handbook for specific installation types.



      • We always recommend dry-fitting your pattern first to think about your cuts in advance and to make sure you like the pattern. This will also help you choose which pieces go where, which is especially helpful with tiles that have a lot of variation.
      • *Always use appropriate personal protective safety equipment when handling, drilling, cutting or grinding glass tile such as (but not limited to) eye, ear and hand protection.



        • Before you start tiling, make sure that whatever surface the tiles are being installed to will be strong and structurally sound. Cement board, concrete or drywall is best, as these surfaces can handle the moisture of the tiling process. Plywood should be avoided, since the wood will warp with the added moisture and it will also be less waterproof, even after tiling.




  • To avoid affecting the color of the tile, white thinset such as Bostik Glass-Mate is strongly recommended for all installations.
  • Apply as much adhesive as can be covered within 10-15 minutes.


3/16" or 1/4" square notch trowel should be used when installing our metal material and ridges should be smoothed down with the flat side of the trowel prior to fixing the tiles in the mortar bed. Tiles larger than 3x3 should be back-buttered with a thin continuous layer of the thin set applied with the flat side of the trowel.

Drying Time
Metal tiles are non-porous: the moisture in the setting materials cannot migrate through the metal and must evaporate slowly through the joints. All setting material, even rapidest mortars need a longer time to cure. Allow thin-set mortar to dry completely for a minimum of 72 hours prior to grouting or otherwise interfering with the fresh installation.

The best way to cut metal tiles is with a diamond wet saw. Cut the tile face up so that any lip that forms is on the back of the tile. Handle the tile carefully, as the cut metal edges can be very sharp. You may find it difficult to cut notches with a wet saw, so a miter saw fitted with a metal-cutting disc is a good tool for cutting notches and other intricate shapes.

Take care to use eye protection and to sweep up the area immediately after cutting, as metal shards can be dangerous.




Non-sanded grout that is latex or polymer modified and compliant with A118.4 should be used for our metal material. If sanded grout must be used for technical or aesthetic reasons (such as with mosaics with larger grout joints), gentle application of grout with a soft rubber float is recommended to minimize the possibility of surface scratching. A mock up or testing installation should be executed to ensure results are acceptable.

Metal cannot flex, expand or contract like some materials. This means that you must leave an expansion joint around the perimeter of the installation to help prevent the tiles from popping off the wall if the house settles or the wall moves. Leave a space of approximately 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch between the tiles and the counter, the cabinet and in corners where two walls of tile meet. Fill these gaps with a latex-based caulk, which can flex with the walls.





. For normal care and maintenance of metal tile, wiping the surface with a damp sponge or clothe with water or a light vinegar solution is sufficient. If stronger cleaning is needed, a nonabrasive, neutral pH cleaner can be used.