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Diamond glass tile is deceptively simple, yet the unique beauty of Glass Tile Store’s diamond tiles anything but. The combinations of natural colors in a range of different palettes combine with the attractive geometric pattern for a stunning effect in even the most modest of locations. From the kitchen to the bathroom wall to around a powerful mantle or fireplace, these classic mosaic tile give you the flexibility to match the décor and mood of a room while infusing it with a certain natural gravitas. Read More

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  • Mother Of Pearl Oyster White  Tile
  • Loft Super White Polished 4 x 12 Glass Tile
  • South Seas Pearls Mini Brick Pattern  Tile
  • Tao Super White Glass Tile
  • Mini Brick Oyster White Pearl Tile Mini Brick Pattern
  • Fusion Shagbark 1x1 Marble & Glass Tiles
  • Lake Blue 3/4x3/4 Glass Tile
  • Nimbus Gray Blend Bricks Marble & Glass Tile
  • Breeze Stylus Steel Ice Pattern Glass & Metal Tile
  • Golden Road Blend Bricks 1/2" X 2" Marble & Glass Mosaic Tile
  • Ice White Polished Glass Tile
  • Tao Bliss Glass Tiles
  • Tao Concrete Glass Tile
  • Tao Latte Foam Marble & Glass Tiles
  • Tao Beach Glass Tiles
  • Roman Collection Burnt Russet 1x1 Glass Tile
  • Fruit Platter 1x1 Glass Tile
  • Arcadia Bonsai Tint Random Brick Glass and Slate Tile
  • Tao Red Planet Glass Tile
  • Alloy Canyon Blend 1/2 X Random Glass & Marble Mosaic Tiles
  • Coffee Bean 3/4x3/4 Glass Tile
  • Ice Cave Circles Glass & Metal Tiles
  • Breeze Stylus Carrera Ice Pattern 1/8" X Random Glass Tiles
  • Nimbus Gray Blend Squares Marble & Glass Tile
  • Tao Toffee Marble & Glass Tiles
  • Brick Pattern Leather Boot Brown Blend 1/2" X Random" Marble & Glass Tile Brick
  • Breeze Carrera  Ice  Piazza Pattern Glass and Marble Mosaic Tile
  • Loft Blue Gray Polished 3x6 Glass Tile
  • Loft Super White Frosted 4" X 12" Glass Tiles
  • South Seas Pearl 3D Brick Pattern Mosaic Tile
  • Smoke Blend 1x2 Glass Tile
  • Serene White Bricks Groutless Pearl Shell Tile
  • Alloy Sutjeska 1/2 X Random Glass And Marble Tiles
  • Fusion Chinkapin 1x1 Marble & Glass Tiles
  • Tao Sea Wave Glass Tiles
  • Tuscany Pattern Super White Glass Tile
  • Stainless Steel .75"x2.5" Metal Tile Brick Pattern
  • Loft Ash Gray Polished 4" X 12" Glass Tiles
  • Ice Cave 1/2x2 Brick Pattern Metal & Glass Tile
  • Roman Collection Chamoisee 1x1 Glass Tile
  • Loft Blue Gray Polished 4" X 12" Glass Tiles
  • Seaspray Blend Squares 1/2" X 1/2" Marble & Glass Tiles
  • Loft Super White Polished 3" X 6" Glass Tiles
  • Geological Tao Black Slate & Rainbow Black Glass Tiles
  • Loft Seafoam Polished 3" X 6" Glass Tiles
  • Loft Super White Big Brick Glass Tiles
  • Loft Curve Super White Glass Tile W/ Metal Dot
  • Breeze Steel Ice Piazza Pattern
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