Maintaining the Beauty of Glass Tiles

Maintaining the Beauty of Glass Tiles

Glass tiles create a beautiful surface, whether they are used on the walls, such as in the backsplash area of kitchen or in the shower area in the bathroom, or as a flooring material. Since glass is such an impervious material, they are also easy to care for, and the beauty of a glass tile surface is extremely long-lasting. Of course, as with any type of surface, there are some tips you can follow to insure that your glass tile surfaces stay beautiful for as long as possible.

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How to Clean Glass Tile Wall Surfaces

In certain types of installations, such as in the shower area, a glass tile surface will accumulate soap scum and hard water deposits, just as any type of surface would. Although glass tiles do not absorb water, which makes them resistant to bacterial, mold and mildew, they do need to be cleaned on a regular basis so that soap scum and mineral deposits don't hide their naturally beautiful surface. Glass tiles can easily be cleaned with a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. If you put this solution in a spray bottle, it is easy to apply to the glass tile surface. After spraying, allow the mixture to sit for about ten minutes, so that the vinegar has a chance to work on the hard mineral deposits and soap scum. Then, a soft bristle brush can be used to not only clean the surface of the glass tiles, but also to scrub the grout. However, you should never use anything more abrasive than a soft bristle brush, because you don't want to scratch the grout. Once the tiles have been scrubbed clean, wipe them with a soft clean cloth, and rinse well with clean water. To avoid the formation of streaks or spots, dry the glass tiles after cleaning with a soft dry towel.

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How to Care for Glass Tile Floors

Glass tile floors are very durable and strong, and hold up well under foot traffic when used as a flooring material. Glass is actually stronger than many other flooring materials, which makes it especially easy to maintain. Care for a glass tile floor is similar to that of other types of tile floors or hardwood floors. One of the most important things you can do to help keep your glass tile floor beautiful is to keep it swept, so that dirt and grit do not remain on the floor. This is because under foot traffic, grit can have the ability to abrade the surface of the glass, which can create small etches and scratches over time. It is also important to properly clean and care for the flooring in regards to the grout used to install the floor. Although some people prefer a small size of tile for the floor, due to its special design appeal, the installation of larger tiles reduced the amount of grout which is exposed, which in some cases can make the floor easier to care for.

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Cleaning A Glass Backsplash

When you have a gorgeous mosaic tile backsplash in your kitchen or glass tile detailing in the rooms in your home, then you will want them to look nice for many, many years. After all, laying down tile can take a while and getting it just right and looking that wonderful takes some impressive handiwork.

You can keep them looking just as vibrant and shiny if you maintain them properly. Glass tiles, unlike other materials, do not have a porous surface. They will not absorb water or dirt. It is for this reason that they last so long.

Many glass tiles will have a flat surface, though some may be textured. When you’re cleaning you will want to clean out the crevices and grooves in the textured ones carefully and gently. You can use gentle household cleaning supplies to get rid of impurities.

Water, vinegar, and gentle soap will do the trick. You can mix water and vinegar or water and soap into a spray bottle. Take the bottle and lightly mist the glass tiles. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes. When you think the scum deposits are breaking down enough, take a cloth or soft brush and scrub it down. You don’t want anything rough that would scratch the tile, but something coarse enough to capture residue. Make sure you really scrub the grout to keep it nice and clean. It should be the lovely white color it dried after its original application.

Enjoy your spring cleaning and keeping care of your beautiful home décor.

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Replacing Glass Tiles

The thing about having glass tiles and maintaining them is that you have to know when to admit defeat. Sometimes bath or kitchen glass tiles are more than lackluster. Sometimes they get cracks or they get loose. When that happens it's time to get replacements.

The most difficult thing to do is find a matching tile(s) to go with the original design. Luckily if you have mosaic tile patterns you can find a slightly mismatched piece without fearing that it ruins the way it looks. If not, then the first place you should check is an online store because the chances of finding it is much greater than walking to your local store. If you still have no luck then consider replacing a few more tiles in the pattern at strategic locations to create an “accent.” It breathes new life into the wall or floor anyway.

As for the actual process, the first step is to remove the grout. Rake out the grout around the damaged tiles with a scoring tool. Do this carefully so as not to ruin the surrounding tiles. Then put painter’s tape around the edges. Drill holes into the tile to break it up and separate it from the flooring or wall. You can chisel it out at that point. The last step is to apply adhesive to the replacement and empty space with a trowel. Set the tile and apply pressure. Refill the space around it with grout and wipe off excess after it dries with a sponge. Let it rest for 24 hours.

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Steps to Clean Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles and tile patterns can create some very beautiful images to look at. And luckily for you, you can install mosaic tiles on your walls and/or the floor. As nice as this is, your tiles will eventually get dirty over time. You can avoid a large buildup of dirty by cleaning your tiles on occasion. But how? Read on for more information:

1. You can use a commercial tile cleaner, specially formulated cleaner, or a detergent/warm water mixture. To create the latter mixture, mix two cups of warm water with a single tablespoon of detergent in a spray bottle.

2. Now spray the tiles with your tile cleaner of choice and wipe with a soft rag or soft-bristled brush/sponge.

3. For cleaning stains from the grout, you will need to mix a third of a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. Dip a soft-bristled brush into the mixture and carefully scrub the grout until the stains are gone.

4. Once you are done cleaning thoroughly rinse your tiles and then wipe it dry to avoid water spots from forming.

Mosaic tiles are beautiful and deserve to stay that way for as long as you have them in your home. So be sure to clean them often!

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Removing Scratches From Metal Tiles

When you remodeled your kitchen and/or bathroom you decided to install metal tiles into the walls to give it a more modern look that matches the overall décor of the house. In your kitchen, these tiles might have even matched your appliances. But since you had them installed they have seen a little wear and tear, namely noticeable scratches on the surface. Considering how difficult it was to install them and how much you would rather not take out individual tiles just to replace them, it is best to simply remove the scratches. Need to know how? You have come to the right place.

1. You want to clean the tile first before getting the scratches out. To do so, first clean the area off with some water and a clean cloth. Then apply a small dollop of liquid cleaner in small, circular motions with a damp rag. Take another dry cloth and dry it off.
2. Apply a scouring cleaner and oxalic acid dehydrate-based polish onto a nylon scrubber and then gently scrub the area of the scratch. Again wipe the area with a damp cloth and dry it off with a second cloth.
3. Next, dampen the area and then rub a pumice stick into the scratches. Wipe away any residue.
4. Finally take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand the scratches away. Wipe away any residue.

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Advice on Polishing Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are lovely additions to any home and give it an old-fashioned, but charming, elegance that hearkens to households of old. The classic nature of stone tiles and mosaic tiles create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and is sure to be a talking point for them to share with other people. However, after enough time has passed, your tiles will lose their luster. But, thankfully, you have come to the right place to give your tiles the shine it once had when you first installed them. Here is how:

1. Begin by sweeping your stone tiles of any loose dirt. This will make polishing easier and smoother.
2. Next, apply a thin layer of the appropriate tile polish. If you are unsure what polish to use, ask a professional at the home improvement supply store for guidance. You can also use a homemade mixture of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water. It may not be as strong as regular polish, but it still provides a decent shine. If you choose this route, use a spray bottle to spread it over the floor.
3. Use a mop to distribute the polish evenly over the floor.
4. After 10-20 minutes, rinse the polish and use a dry mop or rag to absorb any extra moisture.

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