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Designing a Stunning Shower with Glass Tiles

Designing a Stunning Shower with Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be used very effectively in shower areas to create a stunning appearance that not only makes the shower area waterproof but which can also create a focal point in the room. Whether you are tiling a small shower stall or the area around a tub and shower, or using tile around an expansive walk-in shower and spa area, you will find that glass tile is easy to work with and creates beautiful results.

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Planning Your Design

When planning your design for a shower area, first measure the area so that you can plan your design on paper. Of course, if you are using glass tile sheets for the installation, your planning processes will be much easier. But, if you wish to design your own unique pattern with glass tiles, it can help to work the design out on paper before beginning the installation process. This is also a good way of calculating how much of each color or style of tile you will require. Although glass tile is available in many sizes shapes including rectangles and round tiles, if you need to cut glass tiles to achieve your design, you will need to invest in glass tile nippers or in cutting blades that are designed to handle glass tile. By cutting the tiles, you will have even more design options available to you.

Using graph paper to lay out your overall design is often a good approach, especially if you are using square tiles. Simply tape together enough sheets of graph paper to fit the overall dimension of your shower area, and then you can use colored pencils or magic markers to represent the different colors of tile that you will use. This is a great way of getting your pattern designed before starting the actual installation. When done, use the graph for calculating the number of each color of tile that you will need.

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Installing the Glass Tile Shower Surround

Once you have your tile, you will want to make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions in regards to the types of adhesive and grout which is recommended. If you are installing clear glass tile, pay special attention to the surface preparation, as variations in wall coloring and the existence of wall imperfections can sometimes be seen in the finished installation, even through the colored tile backing material. Before beginning the installation, you will want to make sure the wall surfaces are clean and dust-free. Measuring carefully, you need to mark straight horizontal and vertical lines on the surface so that you will be able to keep your pattern straight and aligned properly. If you are using glass tile sheets, you probably won't require as many measured markings, as these larger sheets of tile are easier to keep straight than individually set tiles. Follow the instructions for applying the thin-set, working in areas that can be completed in ten or fifteen minutes. You can use a block of wood and a mallet to tap the tiles into place firmly if necessary until all tiles have been installed. The tile will need to cure for at least twenty four hours, after which time the grout can be applied. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for this process to insure achieving a beautiful and durable finished surface.

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Making An Interesting Bathroom Mosaic Tile Shower

Your bathroom deserves just as much pizzazz as your kitchen. You should be free to design it however you please. If that means turning it into a luxurious spa, then what’s stopping you? Glass bathroom tiles could make all the difference when it comes to transforming an ordinary bathroom into a classy one. Let’s say you really love the idea of making mosaic tile patterns for the shower.

Tile brings texture, style, and character to any room. Your shower is supposed to be a soothing, cleansing environment. You should feel at ease and rested when you enter it. Let it wash away your cares for just a minute before you go about your day.

There are different themes that you can go for with glass mosaic tile patterns. If you want a natural look, maybe you can go for earthy tones or sea tones. Greens, browns, and beige are perfect for a home in the woods. It’s a cabin getaway. A beach home would look lovely with a coral and beige or sea green and blue mosaic design. You can do it either with alternating line or with a gradual shift in hue from light to dark. Try to break up the monotony or predictability by ‘misplacing’ a few of the lighter and darker toned tiles in the middle colors.

You may also decide to switch it up by selecting tiles of different sizes to go side-by-side. This is great for the shower and for the vanity. Let your imagination take over the project.

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