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The Art of the Waterjet

What are waterjet mosaics about? First and foremost they are about YOU. They are about expressing your style, your taste, and the details of your life through design.

Mosaic art has been prevalent since ancient civilization, adorning famous architecture around the world. The centuries old method of mosaics entailed taking tiny pieces of stone, glass, and other materials to create pixelated, impressionistic works reminiscent of Monet. This required physical space and distance to be fully appreciated. Waterjet machines are the new “mosaic artists” giving a more intimate design to rough, faceless slabs of material.

Waterjet tiles are formed with high pressure streams of water that allow for exact precision to cut ornate patterns that were previously impossible to achieve.

Whether your style is edgy or classic or somewhere in between, waterjet mosaic tiles will allow you to express your true inner aesthetic, making it all about you.

Chameleon Concepts: Vanities


Chameleon Concepts vanities are manufactured locally in the US, using the highest quality materials. Available in 24", 30" and 36" box sizes, our vanities can be joined horizontally and stacked vertically to create your custom size. Designed with a large functional drawer, there is space for all your bathroom necessities. Our vanities can be wall mounted with or without decorative legs.

Chameleon Concepts offers a variety of colors for the side panel of the vanity as well as the front frame of the piece. The drawer front of the vanity is comprised of a frame that can house a range of inserts. This allows each vanity to be customized with unlimited options; tile, wallpaper, vinyl, leather, and mirror are just a few. Create your unique vanity by selecting your preferred size, color and insert.

Starting at $2,200

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The Dream Team: Our Designers

At TileBar we believe in providing our customers with the very latest and absolute best in tile design. That is why we continue to team up with the most sought-after, globally renowned interior designs to collaborate and engineer collections available exclusively through TileBar.

  • Kelli Ellis
  • Tonya Comer
  • Vanessa DeLeon
  • Kerrie Kelly
  • Krista Watterworth
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